Elizabeth Montgomery also portrayed Cousin Serena


Pandora Spocks was born in Los Angeles on April 15, 1933. A very distant (and sometimes disputed) relative of famous baby doctor, Benjamin Spock, Pandora legally added the "s" to her surname when she joined the Screen Actors Guild after appearing in her first television drama, "Top Ramen" for the TV program, "The Bobby Monty Show."

A graduate of the East River School for Girls in New York City, Pandora appeared on Broadway in "Late Love" where she had the serendiptious fortune of being cast as Elizabeth Montgomery's understudy due to her uncanny resemblance to the up and coming starlet. Hollywood soon beckoned when once again Pandora was asked to "shadow" Miss Montgomery in several TV & Movie appearances. The remarkable likeness between the raven haired Pandora and blonde Elizabeth came to the attention of William Asher in 1963 while the two ladies were filming "Johnny Cool."

Two years, two children and a husband later, Pandora found herself at an open casting call with 1,500 other actresses auditioning for the role of Serena. Initially losing the role to first choice, Melody Thomas, Pandora inherited the part only after Miss Thomas abruptly decided to concentrate her film work solely on the more lucrative and challenging technique of "Back Acting."

After "Bewitched" Pandora went on to make many TV Movies. "Out of Contention" was her first, followed by "Mrs. Moonshine," "A Case of Beer," "The Legend of the Dairy Borden Cow," and the mini series, "Pioneer Women Don't Need Make-up." Even today one of her most famous TV Movies, "Face to Face with the Sins of the Murder-Minded Black Widow Corpse" has become a favorite holiday classic.

Though she passed away in 1995, Miss Spocks continues to sing and dance her way into the hearts of audiences around the world with her wonderfully kooky, mod, sultry, delightful and ever-changing portrayal of Serena, fun-loving cousin to Samantha, forever blowing kisses in the wind.

*Tounge in cheek biography by Scott Viets

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