Sandra Gould as the second Gladys Kravitz

SANDRA GOULD (Gladys Kravitz from 1966-1972)

Sandra Gould made her radio debut at age nine and appeared on radio's My Friend Irma, The Danny Thomas Show, and The Jack Benny Show (for fifteen seasons).

She spent five years as Mrs. Duffy on Duffy's Tavern. Gould made her Broadway debut when she was eleven years old in Fly Away Home with Montgomery Clift and went on to do other Broadway productions such as New Faces, Having a Wonderful Time, and Detective Story.

Married and widowed twice (first to broadcasting executive Larry Berns, then director Hollingsworth Morsel, Gould made numerous guest appearances on TV shows such as ``December Bride", ``The Twilight Zone", ``My Three Sons," ``The Joey Bishop Show," ``I Love Lucy," ``The Danny Thomas Show," ``The Joan Davis Show," and ``I Dream of Jeannie," before her regular stint on ``Bewitched". She was most recently seen in guest appearances on ``Friends'' and ``Veronica's Closet.''

Gould was also a writer. Her two books, Always Say Maybe and Sexpots and Pans, were published by Golden Press. Always is a guide for women to finding a man; Pans is a cookbook on how to cook for forty-six different types of men.

She was also an accomplished artist and has sold several hundred paintings.

Miss Gould died of a stroke July 20, 1999 at the age of 73.

* Biography from "Bewitched Forever" by Herbie J. Pilato & Associated Press

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