Thinks Acting Is More A Matter Of Magic Than Of Craft
By Ronald L. Bowers

ON the screen Agnes Moorehead has depicted so many of the vinegary aspects of the female psyche that it may surprise you to learn she regards the hunger for self-improvement as one of life's greatest joys. Rarely have the women Miss Moorehead portrays been disturbed by such pangs.

If you know of Miss Moorehead only through her screen roles it may also surprise you to learn she adheres to such currently unfashionable beliefs as that prayer is efficacious and that it's better to work "for the glory of God" than for one's self. "My life has been ruled by my beliefs," says Miss Moorehead, "and in matters of belief I am a Fundamentalist."

Agnes Robertson Moorehead is of Protestant Irish ancestry and was born in Boston on December 6, 1906. Her father, John Henderson Moorehead, was a Presbyterian minister who moved to St. Louis soon after the birth of his only child. She grew up there, and during adolescence was allowed, in non-school hours, to be one of a group of girls who were part of the ballet and chorus of St. Louis' Municipal Opera Company.

She obtained a bachelor of arts degree from Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio, which had been founded by an uncle, and did postgraduate work at the University of Wisconsin (her father had taken a pastorate in Reedsburg, Wise.). From teaching English and speech in the public school of Soldiers Grove, Wise., she saved enough money to enable her to enter the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC. She supported herself by teaching in the "progressive" -- and private -- Dalton School. She graduated with honor from AADA in '29 and obtained small parts in several stage plays, including Marco Millions, Courage, Scarier Pages, Soldiers and Women, Candlelight and All the King's Horses. Then, as the Depression deepened, she turned to radio. She also married, on June 6, 1930, a young actor she had met at AADA -- John Griffith Lee. They divorced on June 11,'52.

In '30-1 Miss Moorehead appeared regularly on NBC's Seth Parker Faimily Hour and thereafter got all the radio work she could handle. At one time she was appearing in six shows daily, and it was through her work in radio that she met Orson Welles.

Welles invited her to join the Mercury Theatre, which he and John finds herself poverty-stricken in a changing community, and alone, except for her unruly nephew. Moorehead's portrayal of feminine nreuroticisms in The Magnificent Ambersons won her an Academy Award nomination, caused the New York film critics to vote her the best actress of '42, and more or less determined the kind of film roles she was to obtain thereafter.

It certainly led to her being cast in '43 in CBS radio's Sorry, Wrong Number, as the neurotic invalid who hears a murder being plotted on her telephone and realizes she is to be the victim. Her vain efforts to convince the police made a half-hour tour-de-force that Miss Moorehead repeated many times on the air, and recorded for Decca in '47. It sold very well, and so did her later recordings of The Psalms of David, Our Common Heritage, Don Juan in Hell, Nancy Hanks and Barbara Fritchie.

In '44 Miss Moorehead was nominated a second time for an Academy Award. After playing the bitchy friend of Claudette Colbert in Since You Went Away; a nagging, treacherous Chinese peasant in Dragon Seed; and in The Seventh Cross a tacky theatrical costumer who provides a concentration camp escapee (Spencer Tracy) with clothes, she was Greer Garson's elegant, and French, social arbiter in Mrs. Parkington. It was for this portrayal, amid baroque settings of nineteenth century wealth, that she received her second Academy Award nomination.

After playing the mother of Margaret O'Brien in Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, Miss Moorehead impersonated, In a semi-documentary about our development of the atomic bomb called The Beginning or the End, a German scientist who escaped into Sweden. But because a legal release could not be obtained from this real-life scientist, Miss Moorehead's footage was deleted Her footage was essential in her following film -- The Dark Passage, in which she played a sexy murderess and in which her fall to her death from a window was the climactic moment. Nor was her footage cut from the other '47 picture on which she worked, The Lost Moment, which was based on Henry James' The Aspern Papers. She portrayed a l05-year-old woman.

Also in '47 Miss Moorehead played in the production of Macbeth which Orson Welles staged Ior ANTA as part of Salt Lake City's centennial celebration. Welles offered her a part in the movie he made of this production but Other film commitments prevented her from accepting.

She then obtained the part in Johnny Belindd of the aunt of the deaf-mute (Jane Wyman). For this performance Miss Moorehead won a third nomination for an Academy Award. Miss Wyman won the Academy's Best Actress Award for her performance.

Barbara Stanwyck was also nominated for the Best Actress Award that year for Sorry, Wrong Number, and when I asked Miss Moorehead about this she said sternly: "Of course I wanted to play the Stanwyck part in Sorry, Wrong Number. It had been written for me by Lucille Fletcher, and I must have done it on radio about 18 times. I went to Hal Wallis at Paramount when they were casting it to put my hat in the ring, but he said he owed Barbara a picture and that I could have a supporting role. I said no. I'm not bitter about it, i let the chips fall where they may and go on from there." Then, with a chuckle, she added: "They played my recording constantly on the set."

Miss Moorehead met the man who became her second husband while playing the proud mother in The Srratron Story ('49), an excellent biographical film about the White Sox pitcher who lost a leg in a hunting accident. Robert Gist, now a tv director, had a small role in that film. He and Miss Moorehead married in '53, separated several months later, and were divorced on March 11,'58. Miss Moorehead, incidentally, has adopted a child, Sean, now in his early teens, and in school in England.

After another sympathetic role, as the warden in Caged ('50), Miss Moorehead played the neurotic mother of the potential suicide in 14 Hours ('51). That film was based on a reallife event and Richard Basehart played the man who stood on a ledge outside a high window for half a day trying to decide whether or not to jump. Grace Kelly had a bit in 14 Hours.

Although between '51 and'55 Miss Moorehead appeared in several films a year -- as Captain Andy's wife in Show Boat ('51), Moria Shearer's aunt in The Story of Three Lores ('53), a nun in Scandal at Scourle ('53), a writer's agent in Main Street to Broadway ('53), a nurse in Magnificent Obsession ('54) -- she was chiefly occupied in those years with two theatrical productions.

In 1950-53 she toured this country and England with Charles Boyer, Charles Laughton and Cedric Hardwicke reading the third act of George Bernard Shaw's play, Man and Superman, i.e., the dream sequence Shaw titled "Don Juan in Hell." The four called themselves "The First Drama Quartet" and did very well.

In'54 Miss Moorehead organized a one-woman tour, billed as "That Fabulous Redhead," on which she read selections from Ring Lardner, Rupert Brooke, James Thurber, Guy de Maupassant, Marcel Proust, The Bible and Sorry, Wrong Number. She has since presented this show in over 400 US cities and in Eurpoe, and in recent years has revived it under the title: "Come Closer, and I'll Give You an Earful."

About touring Miss Moorehead says: "An actor is a wandering minstrel, and muse sell his talent to the whole country. Touring is a real eye-opener because culture is not, as some think, only in New York City or on the West Coast. There are marvellous audiences all over the country. I always say you haven't played an audience until you've played Stillwater, Oklahoma."

Since '55 Miss Moorehead's screen roles have been notable more for variety than for dramatic depth. She played a cantankerous queen in The Swan ('56); the mother of Montgomery Clift in Raintree County ('57); a mystery-story writer in The Bar ('59); the town hypochondriac in Pollyanna ('60); a modern Lysistrata in Jessica ('62); a pioneer mother in How the West Was Won ('63); and a slightly querulous nun in The Singing Nun ('65). For her performance as the slatternly maid in Hush ... Hush, Sweet Charlotte ('64) she received her fourth nomination for an Academy Award.

Miss Moorehead is grateful to her years in radio and thinks the importance of radio experience in many acting careers is overlooked. "You had to work to make the audience visualize YOU, and that isn't easy to do," she says. "Many stage actors fall by the wayside because of their inability to make an audience 'see'."

Miss Moorehead has also been on a variety of television programs. Several years ago she was a creditable Madame Defarge in a live-production of A Tale of Two Cities. On a Camera 3 program she gave readings from the diary of harpsichordist Wanda Landowska. She is currently playing a witch in the ABC series called Bewitched.

Miss Moorehead lives in the Italian-style Beverly Hills house once owned by Sigmund Romberg, which she calls "Villa Agnese". She is presently at work, with director Richard Whorf, on plans for a drama school.

"Acting is a diffcult and sometimes a discouraging, sorrowful profession," she says. "It's also the most ephemeral of the arts. A painter can preserve his work, but an actor cannot, Even motion pictures come and go."

Agnes Moorehead belongs to the school which believes there's more magic than craft in acting. For this reason she thinks an actor should cultivate an air of mystery, and keep the prosaic facts of his life from the pubic.

She also thinks actors should stay away from psychiatrists and psycheanalysts. "They can leave the actor bereft," she says,"of his magical difference from other people."


I. CITIZEN KANE. Mercury-RKO, '41.
Orson Welles. Orson Welles, Jos. Cotton, Dorothy Comingore, Ruth Warrick, Ray Collins, Erskine Sanford, Everett Sloane, Gee. Coulouris, Wm. Alland, Paul Stewan, Fortunio Bonanova, Gus Schilllng, Phillip Van Zandt, Georgia Backus, Harry Shannon. Buddy Swan, Sonny Bupp. Welles' classic was M's debut. She played Kane's mother.

Orson Welles. Jos. Cotton, Dolores Costello, Tim Holt, Anne Baxter, Ray Collins, Richard Bennent, Donald Dillaway, Erskine Sanford. M's greatest screen portrayal, as the repressed, neurotic spinster, Fanny Minafer.

3. JOURNEY INTO FEAR. Mercury-RKO Radio, '42.
Norman Forler. Orson Welles, Jos. Cotton, Dolores Del Rio, Ruth Warrick, Everett Sloane, Jack Moss, Richard Bennett. This complicated mystery, scripted by Cotton,involved an American engineer with German agents in Turkey. AM is the busybody wife of a French Socialist.

4. THE BIG STREET. RKO Radio,'42.
Irving Reis. Henry Fonda, Lucille Ball, Barton Maclane, Eugene Pallette, Sam Levene, Ray Collins, Marion Martin, Wm. Orr, Geo.Cleveland, Vera Gordon Louise Beavers, Millard Mitchell, Juan Varro, Harry Shannon. Damon Runyon's story of a busboy's devotion for a heartless entertainer. AM is Pallette's Wife.

Ed Buzzell. Virginia Weidler, Ed. Amold, John Carroll, and, as guests: Lana Turner, Greer Garson, Waiter Pidgeon, Robert Taylor, Wm. Powell. NonSense about a group of girls who form a fan club and pursue celebrities. AM is Weidler's meddlesome governess.

Dudley Nichols. Olivia de Havilland, Sonny Tufts. Anne Shirley, Jess Barker, Paul Stewart. AM played the society leader in this comedy about the housing shortage in wartime Washington.

7. JANE EYRE. 20th C-F, '44.
Robt.Stevenson. Orson Welles, Joan Fontaine, Margret O'Brien, Peggy Ann Garner, Elizabeth Taylor. AM is Mrs. Reed, the cruel aunt.

8. SINCE YOU WENT AWAY. Selznick- UA:'41.
John Cromwell. Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones, Jos. Cotton, Shirley Temple, Robt. Walker, Monty Wolley, Hattie McDaniel, Guy Madison, Alla Nazimova, Keenan Wynn, Lionel Barrymore. Selznick's sharply produced, idealistic vien of the American home-front during WW-II. AM is Colbert's bitchy friend.

Jack Conway & Harold S. Bucquet. Katharine Hepburn, Waiter Huston, Akim Tamiroff, Turban Bey Hurd Hartield, J. Carroll Naish. An over-Produced version of Pearl S. Buck's novel of the Japanese invasion of China. AM played the "Third Cousin s nagging, treacherous wife.

Fred Zinneman. Spencer Tracy, Signe Hasso, Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy. An anti-fascist story of seven escapees from a concentration camp. AM had some good footage as a theatrical costumer.

Tay Garnett. Greer Garson, Walrer Pidgeon, Ed. Amold, Cecil Kellaway, Gladys Cooper. AM Is the mademoiselle who teaches Garson the graces of social life.

Leslie Fenton. Fredric March, Betty Field, Skippy Homier, Joan Carro. A well-acted story of a Nazi-indoctrinated child adopted by an American family. AM is March's spinster sister.

Ed Buzzell. Lana Turner, Laraine Day, Susan Peters, Bill Johnson, Natalie Schafer, Lee Patrick, Jess Barker, June Lockharr. An unexciting story of three girls who join the Women's Army Corps, in which AM is a commanding officer.

Roy Rowland.Ed. G. Robinson, Margaret O'Brien, Jas. Craig, Frances Gifford. Jas. "Butch" Jenkins, Morris Carnovsky. A touching story of American rural life. AM is O'Brien's mother.

Richard Thorpe. Hedy Lamarr, Robt. Walker, June Allyson, Rags Ragland, Ludwig Stossel. In this sentimental comedy bellboy Walker jilts Allyson for princess played by Lamarr. AM is Lamarr's countess-chaperone.

Norman Taurog. Brian Donlevy. Robt. Walker, Tom Drake, Godfrey Tearle. AM's role was cut out.

17. THE DARK PASSAGE. Warners,'47.
Delmer Dnves. Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Bruce Bennett, Tom D'Andrea, Clifton Young, Douglas Kennedy, Rory Mallenson, Houseley Stevenson. A good Bogart-Bacall co-starrer with keen direction and script by Daves. AM played the murderess.

18. THE LOST MOMENT. U-I, '47. Martin Gabel. Susan Hayward, Robt. Cummings, Joan Lorring, Eduardo Ciannelli, Minerva Urecal. AM portrayed a I05-year-old woman.

Roueben Mamoulian. Mickey Rooney, Gloria DeHaven, Waiter Huston, Frank Morgan, Jas. "Butch" Jenkins. Marilyn Maxwell, Selena Royle, Michael Kirby, Shirley Johns, Hal Hackett, Ann Francis, John Aleuander, Virginia Brissac, Howard Freeman, Alice MacKenzie, Ruth Brady. The musical version of O'Neill.s Ah, Wilderness! AM is Cousin Lily.

20. THE WOMAN IN WHITE. Warners, '48.
Petzr Godfrey. Eleanor Parker, Alexis Smith, Sydney Greenstreet, Gig Young, John Abbott, John Emery. Curt Bois, Emma Dunn, Matthew Boulton, Anita Sharp-Bolster, Clifford Brooke, Barry Bernard. AM is Countess Fosco, wife of blackmailer-con-man Greenstreet in this adaptation of Wilkie Collins' mystery novel of rural England in the 1850s.

21. STATIONS WEST. RKO Radio, '48.
Sidney Lanfield. Dick Powell, Jane Greer, Burl Ives, Tom Powers. A Luke Short melodrama about gold robbers, with AM as an owner of a gold mine.

22. JOHNNY BELINDA. Warners. '48. Jean Negulesco. Jane Wyman, Lew Ayres. Chas. Bickford, Stephen McNally, lan Sterling. A beautiful cinematation of the Elmer Harris play with AM as the aunt of deaf-mute Wyman.

Jack Cummings. Jas. Stewart, June Allyson, Frank Morgan, Bill Williams, Bruce Cowling, Cliff Clark, Mary Lawrence, Dean White, Robt. Gist, Bill Dickey, Jimmy Dykes. AM is Stewart's mother.

Robt. Siodmak, Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Ethel Barrymore, Frank Morgan, Frederick Ledebur, Ludwig Donath, Curt Bois, Ludwig Stossel, Erno Verebes. AM is the pawnshop crone.

25. WITHOUT HONOR. UA,'49. Irving Pichel. Laraine Day, Franchot Tone, Dane Clark, Bruce Bennett. AM played Tone's wife in this mess about marital indiscretions.

26. CAGED. Warners,'50.
John Cromwell. Eleanor Parker. Ellen Corby, Hope Emerson, Betty Garde. Jan Sterling, Lee Patrick, Olive Deering, Jane Darwell, Gertrude Michael, Stella Stevens, Joan Miller, Marjorie Crossland, Taylor Holmes, Francis Morris. Lynn Sherman. AM is the warden in this superbly acted drama about a women's prison.

27. FOURTEEN HOURS, 20th C-F,'51.
Henry Hathaway. Paul Douglas, Richard Basehart, Howard DaSilva, Barbara Bel Geddes, Robt. Keith, Martin Gabel, Debra Pager, Jeffrey Hunter, Grace Kelly, Jas. Warren, Prank Taylor. AM is Basehart's hysterical mother.

Geo. Sidney.Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel, Ava Gardner, Marge & Gower Champion, Robr. Sterling, Joe E. Brown, Wm. Warfield. AM is Parthy Ann, the nagging wife of Capt. Andy played by Brown.

29. THE BLUE VEIL. RKO Radio, '51.
Curtis Bernhardt. Jane Wyman, Chas. Laughron, Joan Blondell, Richard Carlson, Don Taylor, Audrey Totter, Everett Sloane, Natalie Wood, Cyril Cusak, Warner Anderson, Vivian Vance, Dan O'Herlihy, Henry Morgan. AM is a socialite.

Wm. Marshall. Errol Fiynn, Micheline Presle, Victor Francen, Jim Gerald, Helena Manson. In this silly tale of Old New Orleans, AM is the pipe-smoking, ocratoon sidekick of Presle.

31. CAPTAIN BLACK JACK. Classic Pictures, '52.
Julien Duvivier. Geo. Sanders, Patricia Roc, Herbert Marshall. Dalio Jose Nieto. A ridiculous yarn about the French Riviera's social-set. AM is head of a dope ring.

32. THE BLAZING FOREST. Paramount, '52.
Ed. Ludwig. John Payne, Wm. Demarest, Richard Arlen, Susan Merrow, Roscoe Ates, Lynne Roberts, Ewing Mitchell, Waiter Reed, Jim Davis, Joey Ray, Joe Garcia, Brett Houston, Max Wagner. A routine logging adventure with AM as a powerful land owner.

Vincente Minnelli. Gotfried Reinhardt. Kirk Douglas, Pier Angeli, Jas. Mason, Leslie Caron, Moira Shearer, Farley Granger, Ethel Barrymore, Ricky Nelson, Zsa Zsa Gabor. AM is Shearer's aunt in "The Jealous Lover" sequence.

Jean Neguleso. Greer Garson, Waiter Pidgeon, Donna Corcoran, Arthur Shields, Philip Ober, Rhys Williams. AM is a nun in charge of an orphanage.

Tay Garnett. Tom Morton, Mary Murphy, Herb Shriner, Tallulah Bankhead, Rosemary DeCamp, Clinton Sundberg, Gertrude Berg, and, as guests: Shirley Booth, Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Joshua Logan, Rex Harrison, Lilli Palmer, Ethel Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Louis Calhern, Leo Durocher, Faye Emerson, Helen Hayes, Mary Martin, Cornel Wilde. This film aimed at an honest account of the theatre of the '5Os, but failed. AM is the writer's agent.

Lewir R. Foster. Rhonda Fleming, Gene Barry. Teresa Brewer, Guy Mitchel. A musical-melodrama about the Alaskan Gold Rush. AM is the mother of four girls.

Douglas Sirk. Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson, Barbara Rush. AM is Wyman's nurse and friend. This him boosted Hudson to stardom, as the '35 version of it did Robert Taylor.

38. UNTAMED. 20rh C-F, '55.
Henry King. Tyrone Power. Susan Hayward, Richard Egan, John Justin, Rita Moreno. AM is Hayward`s maid, and governess to her children, in this Boer War actioner.

39. THE LEFT HAND OF GOD. 20th C-F, '55.
Ed. Dmytryk. Humphrey Bogart, Gene Tierney, Lee J. Cobb, E. G. Marshall. AM is the wife of a doctor in a Chinese mission.

Douglas Sirk. Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson, Conrad Nagel, Virginia Grey, Gloria Talbott, AM is the friend who disapproves of widow Wyman's relationship with young man Hudson.

Roy Rowland. Dan Dailey, Cyd Charisse, Lili Darvas, Jim Backus, Paul Henreid. and guests: Frank Sinatra, Debbie Reynolds, Dewey Martin Pier Angeli, Vic Damone. A happy. musical about a rancher on a gambling spree in Las Vegas (Dailey). AM is full of boisterous charm as his mother.

42. THE CONQUEROR. RKO Radio,'56.
Dick Powell. John Wayne, Susan Hayward, Pedro Armendarit, Leslie Bradley, Wm. Conrad. A far-fetched story of Gennhis Khan with nearly everybody mis-cast. AM is Genghis' mother.

43. THE REVOLT OF MAMIE. 20th C-F, '56
Raoul Walsh. Jane Russell, Richard Egan, Joan Leslie. AM is a whorehouse madam in Hawaii during WW-II.

44. THE SWAN. MGM,'56.
Chas. Vidor.Grace Kelly, Alec Guiness, Louis Jourdan. AM is the dowager queen, mother of Guiness.

45. PARDNERS. Paramount, '56.
Norman Taurog. Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Lori Nelson, Jackie Loughery, Jeff Merrow, John Baragrey, Lon Chaney. AM is the millionaire mother of dude Lewis.

David Miller. June Allyson, Joan Collins, Ann Miller, Dolores Gray, Ann Sheridan, Barbara Jo Allen, Joan Blondell, Charlotte Greenwood. A re-make of The Women. AM is miscast in the role originally played by Mary Boland.

Ed. Dmytryk. Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift, Eva Marie Saint, Nigel Patrick, Lee Marvin, Rod Taylor. AM is Clift's mother.

Nicholas Ray. Robt. Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, Hope Lange, John Carradine. AM is his mother.

49. JEANNE EAGELS. Columbia,'57.
Geo. Sidney. Kim Novak. Jeff Chandler, Chas. Drake, Larry Gates, Virginia Grey, Gene Lockhart. AM is the confidante and drama coach in this factitious biography of actress Eagels.

5O. THE STORY OF MANKIND. Warners, '57.
Irwin Alien. Ronald Colman (narrator), Hedy Lamarr, the Marx Brothers, Virginia Mayo, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Chas. Coburn, Cedric Hardwicke, Cesar Romero, John Carradine, Dennis Hopper. AM appears briefly as, Queen Elizabeth I.

Hugo Haas. Julie London, John Drew Barrymore, Nat "King" Cole. A fairly honest attempt to depict racial discrimination. Socially prominent AM rebels against her son's marriage to a quadroon.

52. THE TEMPEST. Paramount, '59.
S, Lattuad. Silvana Mangano, Van HeHin, Viveca Lindfors. A cinemazation of Pushkin's The Caprain's Daughter. AM is the wife of the captain of the attacked fortress.

53. THE BAT. Allied Artists,'59.
Crane Wilbur. Vincent Price, Gavin Gordon, John Sutton. AM is the writer of mystery stories in this suspenser about an old mansion haunted by a man dressed like a bat.

54. POLLYANNA. Buena Vista,'6O.
David Swift. Hayley Mills, Jane Wyrnan, Richard Egan, Karl Maiden, Nancy Olson, Adolph Menjou, Donald Crisp. Disney's re-make of Mary Pickford's successful film. AM is the hychondriac.

55. TWENTY PLUS TWO. Allied Artists. '61.
Jos. M. Newman. Dina Merrill, David Janssen, Jeanne Crain. AM is a wealthy dowager.

Jack Arnold. Bob Hope, Lana Turner, Janis Paige, Jim Hutton, Paula Prentiss. A comedy about a housing-development. AM has a brief scene as a judge.

57. JESSICA. UA. '62.
Jean Negulesco Angie Dickinson, Maurice Chevalier, Noel Noel. AM is a modern Lysistrata.

Henry Hathaway. John Ford, Geo. Marshall. Spencer Tracy (narrator), Lee J. Cobb, Carroll Baker, Henry Fonda, Carolyn Jones. Karl Maiden, Gregory Peck, Geo. Peppard, Robt. Preston, Debbie Reynolds, Jas. Stewart, John Wayne, Richard Widmark. AM is a pioneer mother.

59. WHO'S MINDING THE STORE? Paramount.'63.
Frank Tashlin.Jerry Lewis, Jill Elsom, Richard Wessel, Frirz Weld. AM is the fashionable, domineering department-store owner.

Robt. Aldrich. Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland, Jos. Cotton, Cecil Kellaway, Victor Bueno, Mary Aster, Wesley Addy, Wm. Campbell. AM received her fourth Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of the slatternly maid.

Henry Koster. Debbie Reynolds, Greer Garson, Ricardo Montalban. AM is crotchety Sister Clooney.

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