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Tab Hunter Movie Appearances

Each movie appearance is followed by the theatrical release date and his character's name. Links to each page will be added as they are created. I'd love to be able to have a complete collection of Tab Hunter's movies to view. So anything you may have to offer would be appreciated.

"The Lawless" (1950)
... aka The Dividing Line (UK)

"Saturday Island" (1952)
... aka Island of Desire (USA)

"Gun Belt" (1953)

"The Steel Lady" (1953)
... aka Treasure of Kalifa (UK)

"Return to Treasure Island" (1954)

"Track of the Cat" (1954)

"Battle Cry" (1955)

"The Sea Chase" (1955)

"The Burning Hills" (1956)

"The Girl He Left Behind" (1956)

"Lafayette Escadrille" (1958)
... aka C'est la guerre (USA)
... aka Hell Bent for Glory (UK)
... aka With You in My Arms (USA: alternative title)

"Gunman's Walk" (1958)

"Damn Yankees!" (1958)
... aka What Lola Wants (UK)

"They Came to Cordura" (1959)

"That Kind of Woman" (1959)

"The Pleasure of His Company" (1961)

"La Freccia d'oro" (1962)
... aka L'Arciere delle mille e una notte
... aka The Golden Arrow (USA)

Operation Bikini" (1963)
... aka The Seafighters

"Troubled Waters" (1964)
... aka Man with Two Faces (USA)

"Ride the Wild Surf" (1964)

"The City Under the Sea" (1965)
... aka City in the Sea (USA)
... aka War-Gods of the Deep (USA)

"The Loved One" (1965)

"Birds Do It" (1966)

"El Dedo del destino" (1967)
... aka The Cup of St. Sebastian (USA)
... aka The Fickle Finger of Fate (USA)

"Hostile Guns" (1967)

"La Vendetta il mio perdono" (1968)
... aka Shotgun
... aka Vengeance Is My Forgiveness (USA)

"Scacco internazionale" (1968)
... aka The Last Chance (USA)

"No me importa morir" (1969)
... aka Quel maledetto ponte sull'Elba (Italy)
... aka The Legion of No Return

"The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean" (1972)

"Sweet Kill" (1973)
... aka A Kiss from Eddie (USA)
... aka The Arousers (USA: reissue title)

"Timber Tramps" (1975)
... aka The Big Push
... aka The Timber Tramp (USA)

"Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood" (1976)

"Polyester" (1981)

"Pandemonium" (1982)

"Grease 2" (1982)

"Lust in the Dust" (1985)

"Grotesque" (1988)

"Cameron's Closet" (1989)

"Out of the Dark" (1989)

"Dark Horse" (1992)

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