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Dressing Up for Parties

Liz Montgomery Has Answer
To Cover-Uncover Problem

EVERYONE likes a party, especially the girls who dress up for
it. And Elizabeth Montgomery, the 20-year-old daughter of Robert Montgomery, likes the dressing-up part best. Elizabeth, who's been seen on her father's TV show this past summer, debuts in a Broadway show, Late Love, this year.
"I like to fuss and primp before the party," Elizabeth says."Clothes have to fit right and be right so that I can concentrate on my date and not on what I'm wearing." Dresses with their own jackets are particularly convenient when you're not absolutely sure of what to wear.
"Some parties are just impossible to figure out in advance," Elizabeth complained. "Whenever I show up with shoulders bared, someone else is covered up to the neck. And then, when I cover up, no one else does."
Her wardrobe includes a filmy red marquisette gown with taffeta bodice and criss-cross bands which solves the cover-uncover question for this TV newcomer. The brief jacket ties under the bodice, and once tied, it is demure enough for a maiden aunt's tea party. Without the jacket, it's a strapless red dress. Liz adds, "I never thought I could wear red until I found this. But it wows the boys, every time."
The brocaded gown of cocoa and beige with taffeta top, (shown at top) ties in a huge bow at the waist. Untied, it reveals a strapless top. The brocaded bodice is banded in the contrasting taffeta of the jacket.
About as pretty as a dress should be is the mauve taffeta short evening gown with pleated, petaled and jeweled bodice. The wide matching stole tapers at the ends.

(Gowns by Bon Ray)

*Article from TV Guide October 30, 1953

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