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Robert Montgomery Presents: "Home Town"

Mitch Hickock (Cliff Robertson) has written a book, "Home Town." William Deveraux, Director of Public Relations will do anything to sell it. Deveraux & his actress daughter Jen (Elizabeth Montgomery), try to create a false cowboy image for Hickcock. Her charm and coniving persuade him to go against his moral judgement and deceive the public. But when Jen falls for Mitch, all bets are off. Mitch returns to being just a regular newspaper reporter who has written a book.

Johnson's Wax Summer Theatre starring the Robert Montgomery Players. Originally aired on NBC-TV August 2, 1954. Also starring John Miner, Vaughn Taylor, Anne Seymour & Frank Albertson. Introduced by Robert Montgomery.

If you are interested in owning an unedited copy of this rare Liz appearance, email me for details.

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